Scientists' Idea Helps Explain 'What and Where' People See

Scientists' Idea Helps Explain 'What and Where' People See
… field of psychology and neuroscience," Petry said. Researchers building on the "what and where" pathways idea have established how the brain recognizes faces, words and body parts and how it controls our attention, eye movements and spatial memory. …
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Students represent pro-life beliefs
… senior psychology major Becca Mumma and junior sociology major Nick Marchi, who were working on a class project. "I was taking a social movements class, and I had an option to participate in a movement for a project, so my partner and I decided to …
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What's Next for the Senate's Detainee Provisions?
That psychology fosters the emotions and attitudes that lead Americans who love freedom in the abstract to trade their concrete freedoms for palliatives that in the end neither solve problems nor settle nerves. We are politically immature – and are …
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