Ronald Seeks Employment Lawyers After Being Wrongfully Terminated on Medical Leave

Ronald was working for a media relations company as a full-time account executive. He had been with the company for three years and was recently put up for a promotion. His new position as account manager would entail him overseeing roughly ten employees and interns working on a specific client campaign. Shortly after signing his new contract as account manager, Ronald was in a car accident that rendered him unconscious. He was in the hospital for eight days before he regained consciousness. His doctor requested that he stay an additional two nights for observation and tests. Once he was released from hospital care, Ronald called into work and faxed over all the necessary hospital documents for filing. Ronald did not know that in his absence his team had been very unorganized and they had missed a deadline which their client was not happy about. Ronald found that he had been terminated for too many un-excused absences. Unsure of how to proceed, he contacted an medical leave attorneys in Riverside who was able to schedule an appointment with him. After investigation by Ronald’s lawyers, he found that the company was claiming that he had just been hired and therefore did not qualify for FMLA. The company was using his date of promotion as his date of hire which was incorrect. With the help of his lawyers, Ronald was able to collect damages and reach a settlement. The laws surrounding medical leave are lengthy and if you suspect that you may have been wrongfully terminated while on medical leave, you should call the lawyers at SCMC Employment Law for a free consultation.

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