Reducing Violence, Increasing Empathy in the 'Humanitarian Revolution'

Reducing Violence, Increasing Empathy in the 'Humanitarian Revolution'
According to Steven Pinker, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, another shift that has shaped human society is the Humanitarian Revolution, which is a historical decline in violence around the world that has occurred since the Renaissance.
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Vail Mountain School names new leader
Imperi brings nearly three decades of classroom and leadership experience, including 16 years teaching history, Asian religions and culture, and psychology at the Singapore American School. Following his work in Asia, he spent eight years at the …
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The psychology of poverty: Economics fellow uses Kenyan lab to study, learn
Haushofer is one of the first five fellows in a year-old Harvard program called the Prize Fellowships in Economics, History, and Politics, which is intended to support outstanding scholars in those fields for three years. Haushofer's work is being …
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A Washburn Haunting
He also mentioned how he hasn't been feeling very safe on campus lately‚Ķ he invited me to come to his psychology class later today. I remember the … I've been reading up on some ghost stories in Topeka, and Washburn's history. Apparently there was …
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