Reasons to Choose Psychology as a Major

Reasons to Choose Psychology as a Major

Article by Anna Adam

Define Psychology MajorA Psychology major is a subject that somehow teaches about personality development, psychological disorders their treatment and causes. It also teaches about how to conduct a research in the field of psychology to develop new techniques and methods. According to the American Psychological Association, it is the study of human mind and behavior. This subject was evolved in 1879 as a unique field of study that helps you to understand why different people have different behaviors. Identifying the need to understand human behaviors and causes for motivation, makes this subject very popular field of study and more people are becoming interested to choose Psychology as a major.

Reasons to Choose Psychology as a MajorBesides understanding human behavior following are the few reasons to choose Psychology as a major.

Career ProspectsApproachStatisticsCritical ThinkingHuman DevelopmentNew Discoveries

Career ProspectsBroad career prospects attract number of students and professionals to select Psychology as a major. If you select this subject as a career you can find job to work as social worker to politician and even CEO of the firm. Earning advance level degree in this subject with special focus on any specific sub-field of psychology will open up doors for other careers like Medical doctors, Psychiatrist and Psychologists.

ApproachCandidates, who are completing a degree with this major subject, will be able to identify human behavior and causes for their motivation. This knowledge about human behaviors will give you deep insight to understand business, politics and entertainment world.

StatisticsPsychology majors also teach students about proper use of statistical methods to analyze various data related to human across the whole population. You will learn the practical use statistics to study human behaviors in huge size population.

Critical ThinkingWhen you study psychology as a major you will learn how to question about assumptions and conclusion. Critical thinking is very important skill for students studying this subject. They always need to think critical whenever tackling any information about individuals and part of population.

Human DevelopmentStudents who study psychology as a major are able to observe all stages of human development from infancy to adult age. They are able answer mental health related question of human of all ages. Cognitive psychology is an example of major sub-field that teach students to understand about complex mental health issues of infant at birth and age between six months to one year .

New Field of StudyIt is considered among newly discovered fields as compared to biology and anthropology. It had discovered around 120 years back. Still there are numerous new discoveries left to be made in the field of psychology.

These are the few major reasons to study Psychology as major. Number of top accredited universities and colleges offer Online Degree in Psychology who have great interest to join this field.

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