Q&A: Would double majoring in Psychology and Human/Behavioral Biology be a wise before medical school?

Question by Lorraine Mcbubblegum: Would double majoring in Psychology and Human/Behavioral Biology be a wise before medical school?
I want to eventually become a child&adolescent psychiatrist, and I want to get into a good medical school. Would double majoring in Psychology and Human/Behavioral Biology be wise and would it look good on a medical school application? Psychology is my passion, and it ties nicely into Human/Behavioral Biology, but Human/Behavioral Biology also will tie nicely with my pre-med requisites. What do you think?

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Answer by 24 Dreams
Sounds like the perfect choice as long as your willing to take on the challenge of a double major.

Good luck!

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  1. PE2008 said,

    Wrote on January 15, 2013 @ 1:32 pm

    The standard advice for pre-med students is to choose a Major that both overlaps/facilitates pre-med courses AND offers good career prospects in case they don’t make it to Medical School. Psychology+”Human/Behavioral Biology” fails both criteria. Pre-meds also should not attempt a double major in the standard four years.

    Consider one of the following Majors:

    Bioprocess Engineering
    Biological Engineering
    Chemical/Biochemical Engineering
    Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Chemistry (ACS-Certified only)

  2. Alex said,

    Wrote on January 15, 2013 @ 1:33 pm

    No. You don’t want to make your undergrad program unnecessarily hard. You run the risk of dragging your GPA down, especially if neither of those majors includes the pre-med classes. Med schools don’t care that much what you major in. You won’t specialize until late in med school.

  3. Pam said,

    Wrote on January 15, 2013 @ 1:36 pm

    Hello Lorraine:

    I know several ‘Clinical’ Psychologists, yet all but one are not a Medical Doctor. I’ve worked for a number of hospitals and doctors and even those M.D’s who specialize in Psychiatry have an M.D in addition to the certification/license in a specialty field. A former supervisor of mine at a University has a Ed.D in Psychology (Education Doctorate). Some do the Ph.D. I have always said the more certifications/Degrees you have an opportunity to obtain will help you in the long run, especially in the Medical Field. It’s a very demanding and competitive field of study. There is so much more you can do. Some hospitals and clinics only employ ‘clinicians’ in an area like Psychology – Being a ‘Medical Doctor’ holds more weight in the ‘clinical’ sense. If Psychology is your passion, don’t give it up – Having an M.D., Ph.D., or whatever is great and will open many doors for you. I had always wanted to go into Nursing, but wanted to be a Psychiatric Nurse since I’ve worked w/Psych patients before. Alas, my educational path led me elsewhere, but Psychology work is always going to be more demanding and have better opportunities if you move onto a Master’s in Psychology or go to Medical School. I’ve worked at two of the top teaching Medical Schools anywhere and the residents are always talking their specialties. We need good people in both and your compassion, combined with your drive to go to Medical School can lead you anywhere you want to go. I admire anyone who goes for it and STAYS with it – All the way through. If you have an idea of a couple of the Medical School you are considering, ask them what they recommend. Contact hospitals or clinics to find out what kinds of medical staff they prefer. Besides, you may want to go into practice for yourself or with 1-2 other doctors. Sky is the limit, girl!!!

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