Q&A: What would it be like to study psychology in America?

Question by Anon: What would it be like to study psychology in America?
I live in Australia but I wanna study psychology in Amercia and was wondering what is it like? Is it harder? Or would it probably be average-ish. Like, is it a generally hard course to pass? How long would you have to study it and what usually comes after you graduate? Do you look for work yourself or does someone help you or something? Please help I need all the advice out there, that you guys can come up with. It`d be much help.

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Answer by Leetz Anzorz
Exactly the same, only it will cost you twice as much.

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  1. amstel190 said,

    Wrote on December 12, 2012 @ 8:12 pm

    I can only try to answer your question from the American point of view –

    In America, you would normally “Major” in Psychology – ie: get a Bachelor’s Degree/BA – at a 4-YEAR College or University first. After that, you’d need to get your Master’s AND your PhD (plus a State-specific license) before you can open a private practice as a Psychologist… someone who councils individuals/couples etc. For becoming a “Social Worker” the education required is less.

    The first two years you can expect the course work to be pretty ordinary: massive class-sizes – mundane rote learning (boring memorization tests, horrible statistics classes) After that though, it gets way more interesting. Basically, anyone with a decent brain can follow along.
    (It’s the independent study of the MA and the PhD that might become difficult for some.)

    If you want to become a Psychiatrist (not a Psychologist) you need to go to Medical School. That’s a way more lengthy undertaking.

    Higher Education in the US is EXTREMELY expensive. (But I’m sure this isn’t something you’ve never heard before.) These days, the average Tuition, Room and Board is about 45,000 dollars a YEAR. If you can afford it, DO IT!!!! (I did – as a foreign student – and I loved it.)

    But is it better than what you might get in Australia? That’s not something for anyone else but you to answer.
    Good luck.

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