Q&A: What standardized test for psychology?

Question by Doug: What standardized test for psychology?
So I’m planning on majoring in psychology as an undergrad AND for graduate school. Which of the standardized test will I need to take for psychology? My inly guess is GRE, but is that it or do I take MCAT as well?

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Answer by Aria T
The requirement varies by school, so check with the schools you intend to apply to. Most in the US only require a (great) score on the GRE and some research experience, but there are some that also ask for the MAT (Miller Analogies Test) or a GRE subject test in psychology. Often, schools will tell you that you are not required to take the subject test – however, it looks better on paper if you do. Gives schools a better idea how well you already know your psychology info (specifically) and indicates to them that you are serious and ready to go the extra mile. But it is expensive to take a test that you don’t absolutely need, and time consuming as well. Also, if you get poor scores, you might be better off having never taken it. So check with the schools first, then begin weighing your options.

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