Q&A: what kind of career can i go down if i take law, psychology and health and social care?

Question by Asma: what kind of career can i go down if i take law, psychology and health and social care?
hello, i am 16 and about to enter college. I am taking the following courses; law, psychology and health and social care and i don’t quite know the professions i can go down with theses choices. I have been looking into social care and i am not too keen on that so i was wondering if there is anything else.
thank you so much!

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Answer by George
There are 36 of best jobs in the every field endeavor for persons with a BA degree. Search the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics for the details of these jobs for those that you might like to have. Good luck.

1)Physician Assistant, 2) Medical and Health Services Manager, 3) Registered Nurse, 4) Health Educator, 5) Clinical Laboratory Technician, 6) Dietitian, 7) Biological Technician, 8) Recreational Therapist, 9) Substance Abuse Counselor, 10) EMT and Paramedic, 11) Elementary school teachers, 12) Accountants and auditors, 13) Secondary school teachers, 14) Middle school teachers, Computer systems analysts, 15) Computer software engineers, 16) Network systems and data communications analysts, 17) Computer software engineers, 18) Construction managers, 19) Market research analysts, 20) Community Relations Officer, 21) Affirmative Action Officer, 22) Recreation Worker, 23) Urban Planning Officer, 24) Personnel Administrator, 24) Advertising copywriter, 25) Media Buyer, 26) Vocational Rehabilitation,27) Psychiatric Assistant,28) Director of Volunteer Service, 29) Public Statistician, 30) Customs Inspector, 31) Probation and Parole Officer, 31) Newspaper Reporter, 32)
Sales representative, 33) Opinion Survey Researcher,33) Daycare Center Supervisor,34) Research Assistant, 35) Laboratory Assistant, 36) Scientific Instrument Salesperson.

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