Q&A: What is the easiest master level speech pathology program in the US?

Question by : What is the easiest master level speech pathology program in the US?
What are some speech pathology programs that aren’t highly competitive?

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Answer by boogeywoogy
None, and we wouldn’t want someone from an “easy” program, anyway.
Practicing as a speech pathologist is very challenging work, even for people from tough programs.
It’s always best to get the very best education and training that you can; for the sake of the patients, if nothing else.

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  1. Babs897 said,

    Wrote on February 14, 2013 @ 5:28 pm

    Not only are there no easy programs, but you are actually evaluated in practical situations. Also, you have to pass a state test. Then you would have to participate in the creation of plans for the individual based on your evaluation, which would be precisely written in the form of a report. The document is generally for the government. While you are participating in the conference, you will analyze the child’s or other individual’s performance. You may have to answer questions. You knowledge of the mouth, palette, tongue, throat, lungs, trachea, vocatives, etc., will be apparent or not. You either work for an agency ultimately, a hospital or a school district. It is nothing you can fake, as your work is singular as are your reports. They are not collaborative, whereby, you can foist the work onto someone else.

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