Q&A: What is an activity I can do for my psychology presentation?

Question by I WUZ HERE: What is an activity I can do for my psychology presentation?
I am doing a career project and I chose psychology. With the presentation we have to have an activity to engage the audience/fellow students in. Everyone told me to show the class ink blots and see what they first thought, but I thought that idea was too obvious, any ideas?

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Answer by charlycharlzz
play them a song from amy winehouse or curt and see what they say if they talk about death, drugs or if they really lissen to the words.

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  1. Richard said,

    Wrote on November 19, 2012 @ 12:53 am

    the ink blot test is not designed to elicit any particular answer, it’s to see your mood or reactions and how you are behaving cognitively. Now if you think there are dead bodies and such in the ink blot, that would be relevant as to a disturbed personality. It’s not designed to be given to a group but in private one on one. Maybe you could re-enact an electroshock, and the guy wakes up and can’t remember anybody’s name or how to even spell simple words, because that commonly happens. But that might be morbid. Another idea is to line everybody up for medication time, like they do at the state hospital where -everybody- has to take drugs. But that might be morbid too, but it might teach a lesson as well, although it might not go over well. The simplest thing to do is to describe to the class a challenge in life that you went through, quick and sweet, and to entertain any stories from the audience.

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