Q&A: What are the five family therapy theories?

Question by Kaylee is Here!: What are the five family therapy theories?
I am taking health psychology and one of the questions on my assignment is to List and describe the five family therapy theories including founder/developer. I am not asking anyone to do the work, I just have no idea what the five theories are. I have found numerous things about family theories in my book, but none of them say anything about founder/developer. Any ideas? Thanks
my bad it is actually for my addicted family intervention class if it makes a difference

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Answer by dancermusic123
Structural Family Therapy – Munichin (sp?)
Bowean Family Therapy – Bowen
EFT- Johnson I believe
Strategic therapy – don’t know the founder
Milan systems
Also there are CBT family therapist

Sorry in my family class I only learned about the first three I listed so I don’t know much about the others.

I would suggest googling family therapy and see what you find.

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