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Question by : Service Academy Chances?
I’m 17 years old and a junior in high school. I really, truly want to attend either West Point Or Annapolis. It has been my biggest goal in life since the 6th grade. I am really determined. I would also like to apply for an ROTC or NROTC scholarship as well in case I do not get in or get a nomination to the service academies.

AP US History
AP Spanish
AP US Government
AP Chemistry
College Psychology
IB English
College Religions
College Pre-Calculus
Biology honors, Spanish Honors(2 years), English Honors
* I have only listed the hardest classes I have taken and have signed up to take next year (I am guaranteed them)

My cumulative GPA unweighted is a 91. My weighted I believe is around a 95.

I am a waiter at a catering hall
I volunteer at an Old Age Home every summer
I am going to start a summer internship with the local state senator’s office
I am in National Honor Society
I am the co-editor-in-chief of the school newspaper.
I’m in the school varsity golf team. I place #4 out of 9 on the active match roster.

I scored a 580 SAT math, 590 SAT writing and 510 SAT reading. I know the reading is low but I will study all summer and retake it in the fall. My ACT composite was a 22. Once again, low but I plan on retaking.

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Answer by retired AF
how about cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale? your course load sounds good. i wouldn’t worry so much about ACT/SAT scores as much. those might be a tie breaker when it comes to GPA issues, so long as you can get accepted by the colelge where the ROTC unit would be. for the record – my SAT/ACTs weren’t much to write home about, but i did just fine. the bottom line is – colleges want your money – enough said.

as far as west point or a service academy, don’t waste time here. talk to your high school guidenace counselor and contact your state senators TODAY. the senators are the ones that make the appointments, and those who wish to pursue that route ususally start sometime their freshman year, and hit the road hard between their sophomore and junior years – don’t delay!

p.s. make sure you ar IN SHAPE and height/weight proportional. all the good grades and impressive courseload won’t mean a hill of beans if you are a big blob…..

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  1. Puppy said,

    Wrote on January 26, 2012 @ 11:52 am

    your chances actually look pretty good…. but is there a possibility that you could play a team sport they really like that because it shows “team work” and also check on the usna or usma website under “academics” to see if you have all the classes they recommended; since you already finished your junior yr you can’t go to the summer seminar(usna) or the summer leadership seminar(west point) but with that summer internship you have a good shot at a nomination for either academy —-so you have pretty high chances
    also check out the usna facebook page discussion board it has pretty good stuff

  2. MSG_A said,

    Wrote on January 26, 2012 @ 12:39 pm

    As has already been pointed out, you will have to have a congressional appointment to get into any of the academies (with one exception.) Having said that, your overall grades are about average for applicants and your SATs are a bit low. Having only one sport is better than none, but the internship will likely be a big help. Having the waiter job doesn’t really play into it, but it does show you are not lazy.

    Apply for the ROTC or NROTC scholarships as well as pursuing the academy option. I applied for Navy, the Coast Guard Academy (which is wholly competitive, by the way) and three schools under the NROTC option and got accepted to all of them. I chose Navy.

    Good luck.

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