Q&A: Psychology I Brain Project?

Question by Cee_Cee: Psychology I Brain Project?
I am taking a psychology class right now (as a junior in high school). I have to do a brain project, I have to make my own representation of the brain , label all the parts and find everyday objects to use to represent different parts of the brain.

Here are the parts:
Left Hemisphere
Right Hemisphere
Corpus Callosum – A large bundle of nerve fibers that connect the left&right cerebral hemispheres
Motor Strip/cortex – Controls muscle movement
Sensory Strip/cortex – In charge of senses
Parietal Lobe – Associated with senses and movement
Occipital Lobe – Where you get your vision from
Temporal Lobe – Emotional Response, hearing, memory speech
Frontal Lobe – Reasoning, Emotions, Judgement, voluntary movement
Thalamus – Receives sensory info & sends to appropriate part of the brain, (Like a switchboard)
Hypothalamus – Controls body temp, hunger, thirst, libido
Amygdala – Fear, Fight or Flight Mechanism
Hippocampus – Involved in memory processing
Cerebellum – In the back of the head, coordinates muscle movements, like tracking a target
Reticular Formation – Awake, Sleep, Stimulant part of the brain
Medulla – Controls heart rate, breathing, blood pressure
Pons – Connects hind brain, mid brain and fore brain together, Controls facial expressions

What everyday objects could represent these parts of the brain?? Please help I don’t know what to do!
I also need help thinking of how to create my brain

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Answer by Gabby
What if, for the parts that are used for seeing, hearing, smelling, etc. You used little eyes, ears, and mouths?

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