Q&A: Pet therapy considered a social psychology topic?

Question by Beautiful Disaster: Pet therapy considered a social psychology topic?
I have to write a paper for a social psychology class.. and It can’t be on something we covered in the book. Which is like fucking everything. So can pet therapy be considered a social psychology topic.. I was thinking it might be because of like Vets For Vets rehabilitates people suffering from PTSD. So kind like how we socially can interact with animals?

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Answer by GeorgieGuy
Hi BD,
It might help if you think about social psychology as a way of looking at things. That means almost ANY topic could be viewed from the perspective of a social psychologist. If you’re interested in pet therapy you might zero in on a few social-psychological concepts from your class and employ them in analyzing your topic. So, for example, you could employ concepts such as attitudes, self-concept, and cognitive dissonance to describing and evaluating pet therapy. How might the interaction of a patient suffering from PTSD be helped to change dysfunctional attitudes or self-concept by interacting with a therapy animal? Regards.

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