Q&A: Personal question about sexuality/psychology.?

Question by hockey_rules_ya: Personal question about sexuality/psychology.?
I’m a 16 year old male and I have always found girls attractive. I have fantasized, dreamt, thought and had crushes on women. However, I’m very shy and don’t have much experience in dating. Anyways, recently I have been sort of depressed, you could say. At first, I kept wondering if I was gay or if I liked guys. I know I like women because I fantasize and masturbate about them plus I’m sort of a homophobe. Anyways, recently, I’ll see the littlest thing (man’s butt on tv) and think that I’m gay. I don’t even like it, I just think I’m gay. Recently, I’ve been thinknig if I have a problem or something because I always wonder if people think I’m gay or if I am or what would happen to me if Iwas. I don’t want to be and I love boobs, but even when someone says “Geez, you’re so gay.” as a dis or insult, I take it seriously and question my sexuality. What’s my problem? Can you guys help me? Please take this seriously, the issue

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Answer by ontheroof
ur not gay ,,,its so normal….ur not gay, belive me only 6% of all people are gay/lez

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