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So. I’m writing a story. The main character is very demented and dark. She’s very thoughtful and finds the deeper meaning in everything. She studies psychology and sociology. She’s highly intelligent for her eighteen years, gaining her GED when she was sixteen and currently studying college courses. But she’s very…unstable. But no one knows what’s wrong with her, entirely, and I don’t want to diagnose her with a disease when there are hundreds of possible (and most likely more probable) illnesses/disorders she has.

I’d prefer only serious answers, but hey. I need people’s reactions to her.

So. First of all, she has hallucinations. Auditory and visual. She hears voices–they tell her things like “You can do better,” “You’re f***ing stupid,” or “Is this all you can seriously do?” They’re mostly insulting, but don’t encourage hostility towards herself or others.

Her visual hallucinations are relatively harmless. Eyes in the knotholes of wood staring at her, a raven (the most common and almost constant), a table melting, and people she’s never seen before. These people will also talk to her. She tries to ignore them, but some of them are amazed that she can see and hear them.

Third, she trembles. It’s normally a sign of anxiousness or fear. Her hands tremble. To solve this, she’s figured out a few “rituals” that help her calm down. Like holding onto the hem of her shirt. Tying seven knots in a piece of string, or rope. Counting her steps in sets of five or fifteen. Counting the number of desks in her classroom or the number of oranges in the fruit basket, the number of people with brown eyes, or categorizing and analyzing other people’s behaviors. She’s very OCD but she’s never been diagnosed, and her rituals are very important to her.

She writes a lot–poetry, short stories. The general idea is love, death by suicide, self-destruction, and pain. Mostly human fault. She uses a lot of metaphors and personification, and “dark” language. She can write for hours on end, and is usually up late writing, or doing research on the internet.

Once in the story she goes into rage which results in a “blackout.” She hardly gets angry, in fact she doesn’t really show very much emotion in the story at all, even though she’s very empathetic.

She doesn’t like to be touched, often flinching away from hugs or handshakes and avoiding physical contact with people who aren’t close to her. She doesn’t trust often.

This though could be a result of very traumatic experiences in her life. She had a very difficult childhood, switching between living with her mother and her father’s parents. Her stepfather sexually and physically abused her from the age of six up until she was fourteen, and her mother was very neglectful. Her father was very detached from her life, floating in and out about once a month for a few days, and her grandparents were very strict. She has two younger siblings, a fifteen year old brother and a twelve year old sister.

The character is also very obsessed with physical fitness. She exercises daily and follows a very strict fitness regime, but lacks experience in dieting. She often skips meals without thinking about it. When she’s busy writing, exercising, sleeping, or busying herself with other things, she can go days without eating. She doesn’t sleep often because of nightmares, most of the bad dreams being experiences of her childhood experiences or her “overactive” imagination.

That’s about it, I think. Any questions, just ask. I need suggestions and preferrably a solid diagnosis, whether you be professional or not. I have done my own research, and talked to a few different doctors and specialists, and have come to my own conclusions but I’d like a few more opinions.

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