Q&A: Is the Psychology a good field to enter considering our economy?

Question by FutureVSUhopeful: Is the Psychology a good field to enter considering our economy?
Ive heard that there are to many psychology majors and there wont be any jobs. Is this true?

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Answer by Gryffindor Princess
Although there are a considerable amount of Psychology majors and with our economy not being to good I think it really depends on what kind of psychologist you want to be. If you would like to become a Government psychologist i.e. working under government funded practices, becoming a psychologist while times are stressful is helpful. However if you see yourself as a high paid psychologist I guess your patient list is going to be limited. Every 30-40 years the economy downspiralls and tends to follow this pattern. It 8 or so years our economy will be close to crashing so depending on when you plan to graduate etc all depends on how old you are.

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  1. Betty M said,

    Wrote on January 8, 2014 @ 7:21 am

    There is an entire world that you can explore and choose from wherever you want to work. One does not have to stay in their home town to do their chosen job and if one does, they may very well be out of work. I think we will never have enough psychologists to meet the needs of so many people that are hurting today. Look at the waiting list and judge for yourself. If this is what you truly want to do, then do it. Many people may and will drop out by the time it gets down to the crunch of it anyway and because some believe this is an easy way to get a major, they choose this subject. But, it is not as easy as many believe it is, I can assure you. It takes a very, very special person to choose and continue on in this field, to say nothing of patience. The economy has been getting worse and this in itself frustrates and can be very upsetting to people who may very well need to talk to someone. Really, it has nothing to do with what you want to do…. Do not allow the influence of others to sway or change what you want and choose to do. Whether here or in another country, you will always find a job in some form pertaining to your expertise in this area. Never limit yourself to one place, ever. Go for it, and don’t look back…. You are already having some doubts and this you will have to immediately stop doing or you will end up never experiencing what you truly want to do. Listen always and only to your own heart. Take care

  2. Bill said,

    Wrote on January 8, 2014 @ 7:55 am

    Yes, it is, if you can and are willing to go all the way to getting a PhD, only then.
    I would say the best areas for careers are medicine and computers/internet. But I would include psychology along with medicine.

    Just because a lot of people major in psychology doesn’t mean they will all finish!

    And the economy will improve, over time.

    Check here, by the way…

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