Q&A: Is psychology a real field of study or is it just cultural marxist propaganda? What has it done for us?

Question by Lestor the Investor: Is psychology a real field of study or is it just cultural marxist propaganda? What has it done for us?
So is psychology a legitimate field of study, or is it where the leftist crackpot conspiracy theorists and communists congregate to pass off their unsubstantiated conjectures as “science” to brainwash the population?

What accomplishments have psychologists given to the world?

What exactly can psychologists do that a psychiatrist would not be infinitely more qualified in doing?

Psychiatry is a real field of study.

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  1. I find your lack of faith disturbing said,

    Wrote on April 23, 2013 @ 10:16 am

    Psychology has identified sets of traits and compartmentalized them into individual diagnoses. From these diagnoses we have various treatment plans that help those with those diagnoses.

    Psychology identified the criteria for Borderline Personality and determined PTSD to be a legitimate psychological condition. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy was developed to treat Borderline Personality and is one of the biggest reasons I don’t break windows or kick holes through the wall anymore, or cut myself, or throw things.

    Anybody who says psychology is propaganda is a clueless, insensitive, ignorant idiot.

    Psychiatry is a medical application of psychology. They prescribe medication and monitor medication, as well as apply psychotherapy. Psychologists rely almost solely on psychotherapy, and as such should be credited with pushing effective therapy techniques rather than saying “take your pills.”

    Psychology is one of the reasons I’m alive. Medication, the ONLY thing that makes “psychiatry” different from psychology, didn’t do a God damn thing for me. I find the notion that the person who shoved pills down my throat is somehow more credible than the person who taught me fcking empathy to be nothing less than insulting and wholly invalidating. Good day, sir.

  2. Bob Bob said,

    Wrote on April 23, 2013 @ 10:48 am

    A Psychiatrist gives medication.

    A psychologist does the rest.

    You can bet that unless you walk into a psychiatrist office with a noose around your neck or tell him your hearing voices , that he will refer to a psychologist (who is part of a team of specialists that looks over patients) for the expertise advise.

    A psychiatrists only unique jobs are ability to identify is it a more medical illness that could be the cause of symptoms (such as diabetes) or is it a mental illness and the ability to prescribe drugs.

    Psychiatrists are like quality inspectors , most of what they do is just have the final word on any advancement.

    Id put my faith into a psychologists hands over a psychiatrists any day

  3. Rock said,

    Wrote on April 23, 2013 @ 11:43 am

    Psychiatry is psychology with medicine so you can’t have it without psychology. Psychology isn’t just the study of the metaphysical mind like Freud studied; it is also the study of literal parts of the mind such as the corpus callosum- which because of psychology we have discovered that by splitting the corpus callosum that people with extreme seizures can be nearly cured. We’ve also discovered how sight, hearing, speech production and how many mental illnesses work in conjunction with the brain. Psychology has also given us such findings as the Stanford Prison Study which shows how not only ineffective but counter-productive prisons are; the findings showed that prison guards actually become much more ruthless and callus over time. Psychology has also explained why certain groups become more extreme over time (group polarization) and so on and so fourth. Really? A conspiracy theory? Not even Ann Coulter has made such a stupid claim- and FYI, there have been numerous conservative psychologist.

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