Q&A: I have been feeling nauseous for the past five days. What could be wrong?

Question by Taylor: I have been feeling nauseous for the past five days. What could be wrong?
There has been a bug going around my school but it is where the kids get sick for a day, throw up tons and then they are better. I haven’t thrown up but for the past five days I have felt extremely nauseous like I’m going to throw up. The worst is at night and after I eat. What could be wrong? What can i do to fix it?

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Answer by Thelooloobites
One possibility is that, your are skipping meals or not eating at the proper time and by proper time I mean the regular time you eat usually, So, if you have been skipping meals(not eating in the afternoon, then eating at night), one possibility is that the acid in your stomach tends to be more concentrated and when it does the pepsinogen would produce more pepsin, devouring your stomach causing you to feel nauseous and the taste of acid.
on the other hand if your not eating on time (skipping afternoon meals, then eating at night); that would cause acid reflux otherwise know as flatulence, more acid more hydrogen released, making you feel nauseous, momentarily. Then would soon fade.

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  1. Jillian Duncan said,

    Wrote on March 10, 2013 @ 3:35 am

    I have to ask (as Taylor is a unisex name); don’t take this the wrong way but could you be pregnant? i am really sorry if you are a fourteen year old guy or something but in case you are a girl, grinding nausea which is worse at a particular time of day (it doesn’t need to be the morning) can mean you are pregnant and should take a test. That out of the way, sickness bugs can affect people in different ways; I tend to spew over and over but my husband only once or twice, so you may have the bug although it seems unlikely. Also, some other viruses have an incubation period when the affected individual feels bad for a week or so before full-blown symptoms develop- for example chicken pox. Personally, I suffer from nausea because I have an ulcer and eating makes it worse as does lying down in bed. Do you have alot of heartburn/ indigestion, or a gnawing pain in the middle of your chest? Are you easily stressed out or under alot of pressure? if so the symptoms could be triggered by stress and although you may not necessarily have an ulcer you could simply have a nervous stomach. Finally, the mind plays weird tricks sometimes and when I was fifteen my mum had a baby and for the whole time she was in labor I felt sick and couldn’t eat, and this ceased as soon as the baby was born (even though I didn’t know the exact time as I was at home and only found out later), I am not suggesting this is happening to you or that you are nuts, just that if people around you are being sick maybe your symptoms are partly psychosomatic. At any rate, only a doctor can tell you. treatment for too much acid is alkaline liquids like Gaviscon or chalk tablets to be chewed. Alternatively, medicines are available that stop the stomach lining producing too much acid (‘proton-pump inhibitors’)- i don’t know if these are available over the counter where you come from. There are tablets available to treat nausea that a doctor can prescribe to you or you could try some travel sickness tablets as these contain anti-sickness drugs, but make sure you ask the pharmacist if they are safe for you. Good luck I know feeling sick is horrible, if you don’t want to take medicine, my doctor recommended ginger- so maybe ginger ale or ginger tea could relieve your symptoms.

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