Q&A: How do I become a parapsychologist?

by Pewari

Question by Vernon: How do I become a parapsychologist?
My last question most people seemed to think it requires no training but some do think so. I am training with some but isn’t there a course in college or at least on line instruction for either a license or certification or some kind of diploma?

Someone told me there was an on line school for parapsychology but I can’t find it

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Answer by psiexploration
See the links below for online parapsychology courses,

As I said in my previous answer to your question most full members of the Parapsychological Association (last link below) hold a PhD or other doctorate level degree in a conventional science. There are many US Universities (some fully accredited) that offer online degrees in many subjects.


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  1. don c said,

    Wrote on November 15, 2012 @ 8:26 am

    You can b a certified parapsychologist for $ 85.00 at Flamel college

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