Q&A: Fed up with pushy parents, how to deal with them?

Question by You Know You Love Me ~ xoxo GG: Fed up with pushy parents, how to deal with them?
So I recently got a divorce, the divorce isnt’ even official yet I filed in December, and I’m still really hurting from it. My parents call me literally 5 times a day to be nosy and see what I’m doing. I’m 27 years old, enrolled back in school to finish my degree, working, and volunteer in my spare time. They keep pushing me to go to these stupid singles events, and I’m really not ready to date which I’ve told them a thousand times. Plus the single events to me are completely desperate and stupid, and I just feel uncomfortable going. They recently called saying all you do is stare at 4 walls, and study for psychology, and volunteer with stupid ugly animals (that was their exact words). I work out 4 days a week, I go out on the weekends, and I hang out with friends. They are just treating me like a kid and I’m SO tired of them putting me down. The day after my dad calls asking if I want to go golf with him, why would I when he tells me all I do is sit on my ass all day?? I have told them to back off repeatedly but it just doesnt get through to their thick heads. I even lied about going to a singles event to shut them up, and they came over to my apartment to see that my car was still there and started screaming at me in front of all the neighbors, they are seriously psycho. Any suggestions would be great, I’m seriously so stressed out and often think about moving away.
Wow, what a stupid ignorant answer Gary. No I like dudes…if they think I’m a lesbian they are probably as stupid as you are.

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Answer by Mia M
Ignore what they say. You could always start fresh somewhere else and maybe you’ll also find that somebody special too <3

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  1. Gary said,

    Wrote on April 15, 2012 @ 9:06 am

    There is more to this relationship problem than you are telling, or than you actually know yourself. Somebody has likely put the “bug” in their ear that you are a lesbian. Maybe the guy you are divorcing, (happens more often than you think), a family member, a friend, or they just came to the conclusion on their own. They are worried that the longer you don’t have a man in your life, the more likely you are to meet a woman instead. They don’t realize that you either are lesbian or you aren’t. So many people nowadays seem to claim bisexuality that straights believe a “borderline” child can swing either way, and they work desperately to make sure it is the “right” way.

    They are desperately trying to fix you up with a man. You can bet they are driving by your home to see who is there, and well as, if you are home. You’re 27, divorcing, no children, going to the gym to workout, like to play golf, studying psychology, into caring for abandoned animals….you fit every lesbian stereotype…about the only thing missing from your briefing is being a vegetarian. I’ll bet your friends are all women too.

    Now that you know the likely reason for their craziness, maybe you can figure out a way to deal with them better. If you are lesbian, telling them, going through the guilt trip, and introducing one of your close friends as your girlfriend, is going to be the only way to get them off your back. They’ll throw a “fit” and then the desperation act will taper down into a religious revival, but if they believe you are in a couples relationship, they won’t know what to do about it except pout. It’ll give you some breathing room anyway.

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