Q&A: Do Neuro Psychiatrists find any credibility in Parapsychology?

Question by : Do Neuro Psychiatrists find any credibility in Parapsychology?
Do Neuro Psychiatrists find any credibility in Parapsychology?
Is it possible that patients who suffer from a psychosis which is unrepsonisve to medication, ECT and traditional dynamic psychotherapy could possibly benefit from the options parapsychology can offer?

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Answer by flamingo.
heres the thing i believe in
if the patient believes that parapsychology does work
then he/she will be treated
that’s how psychology works
if you believe in it
it happens =)

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  1. psiexploration said,

    Wrote on February 2, 2012 @ 9:23 am

    It depends on what you mean by credibility. For example cognitive neuroscientist Michael Persinger (link below) believes that people experience psi phenomena and seeks answers in terms of brain activity.

    Many skeptics quote his work inappropriately as showing that psi phenomena is explained as brain chemistry and malfunctioning. In fact any reading of his actual work easily reveals he never reaches any such conclusions.
    He does believe that there are correlations (not causes) between brain activity and psi phenomena but he does not conclude that there is nothing there to trigger such an experience.
    He is an excellent and careful researcher and both sides (professional skeptics and believers) should appreciate his scientific inquiry into psi phenomena while not drawing conclusions that he himself does not support.


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