Q&A: Do any of you care about any other field in psychology other than clinical?

Question by J D: Do any of you care about any other field in psychology other than clinical?
In my opinion, modern clinical psychology is a cop-out. Some people really do need psychological help in a clinical setting. It’s true. But most of the time clinical psychology completely forgets most of the other fields in psychology. The clinical community has become very jaded.

Does anyone care about things such as behaviorism? My favorite kind of behaviorism is psychological. Analytical is alright too, but metaphorical isn’t really my cup of tea. What say you? What are your favorites fields in psychology? Gender Studies? A broader social psychology? Does anyone know who Philip Zimbardo is?

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Answer by Sugar Rush
Of course.

I personally haven’t found my clinical psychology community to be particularly narrow or jaded. Where I’ve trained and worked, everyone was expected to study and collaborate with researchers in non-clinical areas of psychology (e.g., neuroscience, emotion theory, social cognition, development of cognitive and social capacities). Interdisciplinary and integrative research is huge right now.

I don’t know about the folks on Y!A, but I know plenty of people who love non-clinical fields (especially social, cognitive, and developmental — with a handful of cultural and gender studies), both in and out of clinical psychology.

Personally, I especially like following the social and developmental research that is coming out; one of the most recent studies that caught my eye was a neat new meta-analysis on the bystander effect (highly recommended).

Developmental psychopathology is my favorite field in research, and it is a paradigm that is theoretically and methodologically diverse and is interdisciplinary. Attachment theory tends to resonate with me the most (Bowlby, Main, Ainsworth, etc.), but I’ve worked off of numerous other theories.

My husband, who sometimes shows his face on Y!A (he actually introduced me to it), is an engineer but actually did research based on a landmark social psychology study. So, yes, those who know of Zimbardo’s work do exist …

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