Q&A: Can i use a letter from the harvard mental health to write a paper?

Question by : Can i use a letter from the harvard mental health to write a paper?
I got a harvard mental health letter from the library database when i was looking for sources for my psychology paper. Can i use it?

this is how it was cited in apa format

Exploring the mysteries of hypnosis. (2012). Harvard Mental Health Letter, 28(8), 3.
It is a newsletter and it comes with a copyright warning as well as year of publication.

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Answer by MMMkay
the computer says NO!!!!!

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  1. Korchnoi's Complaint said,

    Wrote on August 3, 2012 @ 12:44 pm

    Like many medical schools, Harvard’s publishes newsletters like this to tell the general public about new research and discoveries on medical topics. The articles are almost always based on scholarly, peer-reviewed research, but the articles in the newsletters themselves are summaries of that research, often written by journalists rather than scientists (although usually by journalists who specialize in science and may have a degree in some science themselves).

    Whether you can use the newsletter article depends on the precise rules you instructor gave you for your paper. In my class, this would be fine, but what would be even better would be to look up the actual peer-reviewed papers that the article cites (and I’m sure they give citations) in the actual scholarly journals where they were published, and then you can cite them instead.

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