PTSD: The Soldier's Private War

PTSD: The Soldier's Private War
Of particular interest is a study by Michael H. Mithoefer, MD that MDMA (a k a ecstasy) was found to be highly effective for treating PTSD in combination with psychotherapy. And at the University of Arizona, Sue Sisley MD, a psychiatrist and internist …
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Love: The Healthy Addiction?
Such sentiments make good song lyrics and poetry, but are not much help from a psychotherapy perspective. Nevertheless, despite centuries of vain attempts to fully define it, there is no denying that love exists, and that it's as natural and essential …
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A new type of therapy
Equine assisted psychotherapy requires the client to apply skills such as non-verbal communication, problem-solving, leadership, assertiveness and confidence. Not every patient will be a candidate for equine therapy, Lucas said, but anyone interested …
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