Psychotherapy and Medication

Psychotherapy and Medication

Over the past two decades, the use of medication combined with psychodynamic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis has shifted from an infrequent occurrence to common practice. Concurrently, attitudes toward medication have changed from viewing this intervention as disruptive or as a last resort to a welcome aid in the analytic process. However, this relatively rapid change has created difficulty in the integration of medication use into the analytic setting.”Psychotherapy and Medication” is an exceptionally valuable and timely volume that provides psychoanalysts with information on how to work with medication theoretically, clinically, and technically in the context of a psychodynamic or psychoanalytic treatment. Important areas of discussion include evidence that a change in the use of medication has taken place, an examination of the factors that have led to this shift, as well as a review of the issues and questions about combining treatments. ”Psychotherapy and Medication” also serves as a framework in how to best answer the many questions that have arisen as the willingness of analysts to use medication increases. Such significant questions include: How should analysts introduce patients to medication? What are the clinical advantages of combined treatment? What is the impact of medication discussions and prescribing on the analyst’s role and how is this best handled?
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