Psychology Programs in the University of Phoenix

Psychology Programs in the University of Phoenix

Article by Bimol

The University of Phoenix is a private for-profit teaching establishment that gives higher education. This school is considered to be the biggest private one situated in the USA having an urban campus in Phoenix, Arizona. Psychology programs developed in the University of Phoenix are worked out by qualified people in academics and industry. This brings high quality and relevance to the program.Besides that, Phoenix University posseses campuses and is presented in 40 states, also in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and the Netherlands. The owner of this educational institution is the Apollo Group, Inc. The school was founded in in 1976 and this was Dr. John Sperling who did this. More than a 100 degrees of different levels – the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral’s in different – giving qualification in various brances can be found here. The Axia College of University of Phoenix has an associate degree program suggested to take through the internet in the field of psychology. To the specializations we can refer positive psychology, theories of personality, psychological disorders, physiological and neurological basis of human behavior and social interactions.The University of Phoenix offers to obtain a degree in psychology at Associates, Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral level.The learning program for The Associate of Arts in the field of Psychology is presented in a number of subjects such as positive psychology, theories of personality, the physiological and neurological bases of human behavior, human sexuality, diversity, psychological disorders and social interactions. As for the Bachelor of Science in this branch of science it should be marked that a good base in general psychology as well as in seperate courses such as history and systems of psychology, life span human development, capstone course in psychology, theories of personality, motivational processes, abnormal psychology, diversity and cultural factors, physiological tests and measurements and environmental psychology is given. The Master of Psychology program has some other approach to studying – all in all it is concentrated around clinical psychological study of individuals. The attention is paid to behaviors, thought processes and emotions. There is no clinical emphasis in this learning program, thus there is no necessity of giving licenses as to the specialists in this sphere. Among the subjects one can find personality theories, measurements and statistics, life span development, communication skills, abnormal psychology, multicultural, social, cognitive, organizational and physiological psychology. If one obtains a degree on the doctoral’s level – this will be the Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Ph.D./IO), they can build careers in industrial/organizational psychological research, human resource management, consulting, and instruction with emphasis on employee issues, organizational development or research expertise.This program is believed to be for highly disciplined and motivated people as soon as it enjoys great in dependance in nature. One can also obtain a degree in Psychology while studying via the internet in the Axia College of University of Phoenix. In the program there is positive psychology, theories of personality, psychological disorders, physiological and neurological basis of human behavior and social interactions.

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