Psychological Aspects of Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological Aspects of Erectile Dysfunction

ED, or erectile dysfunction, is a condition evoked by a number of different things. Generally, these factors can be divided into three groups such as physical, psychological reasons and the effects of various substances on the person.

In the first case, the condition is the result of the narrowing of the arteries, which result in the complicated blood flow to the penis. Such after effects are frequently noticed in people suffering from diabetes of any heart illness.

Psychological reasons include depression, stress and anxiety as well as disappointing previous experiences and general attitude to sex.

The third reason is, perhaps, the lightest of all, as erectile dysfunction evoked by alcohol or drug abuse is treated faster and more successfully. A lot of medications are capable of evoking erection problems and antidepressants are the first this list.

This division is relative as in real life erectile dysfunction is evoked by the combination of the above mentioned reasons and it is sometimes hard to differentiate where physical or psychological was in charge most.

Good news is that modern medicine makes it possible to cure the condition of ED no matter what actually caused it. However, it is always very important to know what the main reason behind the problem is in order to apply the most effective treatment as soon as possible.

If the reason is mostly underlying psychological one or any relationship issue is in charge, it is better to deal with it first. Any sort of stress, bad lifestyle habits or the like should be eliminated. Not only the latter is able to cause ED but the general well-being of a person is affected. Healthy lifestyle guarantees absence of health problems, while disposition to overeating, alcohol, smoking and so on does only harm.

Frequently, erectile dysfunction indicates lack of attention to health. It is a sign that an organism got tired and exhausted, that it needs rest and a change in lifestyle – eating and sleeping habits, also activity, as well as different emotional background.

Perhaps, some changes in lifestyle of a person are able to improve the ED condition: simple exercises, refrain from smoking, moderate drinking, staying away from recreational drugs and changing a diet.

Ed is not rare among men who suffer from depression and any psychological condition in general. With such men it is like a vicious circle: depression evokes ED (or vice versa) but then it is inevitably interconnected and one condition aggravates another. The worst part is that men are disposed to pretend that there is nothing wrong with them when it comes to depression issue and they are not eager to admit the fact that they need help, conversely, they tend to suppress it and, therefore, make things worse.

However, it is important to get rid of the depression before starting the treatment for ED. If the first is not dealt with, the treatment of erectile dysfunction will have no success.

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