Psychobiology major for Neurosurgery?

Question by : Psychobiology major for Neurosurgery?
Would a psychobiology major be beneficial for a career in neurosurgery? Or for getting into med school?

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Answer by Emily
Medical Schools care more about your scores and Pre-med classes than your actual major, so as far as just having that as your major to get into Med School, it’s about as helpful as any other major. However, Psychobiology can offer a lot of opportunities for hands-on research, even at an undergrad level, and that kind of research experience does look good to Med Schools.

You wouldn’t start studying Neurosurgery until Residency, and they really don’t care what you majored in for undergrad. They will look at your scores in all of your Med School classes and clinical rotations – it’s one of the most competitive programs, and many are filled with Honors Students. Make sure you take an elective and at least one “away” rotation in Neurosurgery during your 4th year so that you can get good reference letters for your applications.

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