Psychic Investigators And How They Work

Psychic Investigators And How They Work

Article by Tana Hoy

The Mystical Ways Of Psychics And The Psychic Realm

The psychic realm has always been full of unexplainable wonders. Since back in the days, people have always looked up to a psychic every time they feel that they are lost or they simply can’t have the right answers by some other way.

Psychics and everything in the psychic world have amazing ways to provide the answers to things that are beyond the reasoning of science and logic. Because of this, certain parts of society have always considered psychics for general guidance and enlightenment. But hey, psychics are not only capable of giving you a sneak preview of the future, or communicating with the spirit world; they’re also very good crime investigators!

Psychic Detectives: What Are They, Are They Real, And How They Help

There are certain areas in this life that are over and above the reach of scientific research, or logic for that matter. Not even the top group of scientists can decode how psychic phenomena works. Then again, though unexplainable, we can’t deny that the psychic realm can bring about great wonders. This is why people seek psychics for answers or good leads when all roads halt to a brick wall for the likes of crime investigations.

So ok, what exactly are psychic investigators, and are they even real? Psychic detectives are real, they always have been. These are psychics who practice Parapsychology to help them solve the crimes (Parapsychology is a part of psychology and is regarded as the study of psychic phenomena, such as telepathic connections, clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, and the like).

Psychic detectives have special ways to present leads for investigations. By using their psychic powers, they are capable to acquire valuable information. Psychics use 3 major approaches in crime investigations. These 3 are mediumship, postcognition, and psychometry. There are of course other unconventional techniques widely used (like telepathy, numerology, tarot cards, among many more.)

Citing a specific example, let’s take a look at a psychic medium and how he uses his gifts of mediumship for crime solving. Suppose they’re working on a murder case, and there is very little evidence to offer authorities any lead. What the psychic medium will do is that he’ll use his special capabilities to get in touch with the victim to get information (e.g. he can talk to the victim and ask what happened, etc); after which he will relay whatever information he’ll get to the authorities.

Why Psychic Detectives Aren’t Popular

Honestly, a lot of psychics don’t get the recognition they deserve for their good deeds. Believe it or not, just about 10% of the world’s psychics have been given due credit for their services in solving crimes. This is mainly for the reason that the majority of society is very skeptical when it comes to psychics and the psychic realm. In fact, a study conducted in the United States in 1993 established that only 1/3 of the nation’s police body is open to acknowledge the aid of these psychics. While in some parts of the world, many law enforcers are even denying the aid of these amazing psychics to solve crimes.

Sad to say, we can’t blame people for their negativity toward the psychic world. After all, it is indeed hard to believe something that is impossible to be explained by science and logic. But then, despite the fact that psychics aren’t given the proper recognition for their amazing work, they still continue to work in silence with authorities to make the world a more peaceful and better place.

Tana Hoy is a psychic who became famous when he predicted the tragic Oklahoma City bombing on national radio – ninety-minutes before it happened! He was the recent star of Court TV’s Psychic Detectives, where he helped police solve a double-homicide. To learn more about psychic crime solving, you can visit his website by CLICKING HERE.

This is an excerpt from a set of five lectures that I did for the Esalen Center for Theory and Research. The particular objective of these lectures was to explore how science has to change and grow in order to accommodate the data from parapsychology in general, and the reality of reincarnation and life after death in particular. These lectures are a good introduction to the general metaphysical and cosmological approach which I am developing in my work.
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