Psychic Detectives – Are There Really Psychic Crime Solvers?

Psychic Detectives – Are There Really Psychic Crime Solvers?

Article by Tana Hoy

Many things in this life cannot be explained by science or logic. However, amazingly, most of the unexplainable instances can be deciphered by the psychic realm. For this reason, more people turn to the psychic sphere for answers at times when all roads halt to a dead end.

Psychics are needed for a range of purposes. Typical reasons involve seeking career, love, and family guidance — however, there are occasions wherein strong psychic knowledge are sought for issues like crime solving.

There are psychics who are dedicated to heed the calls of crime cases. These special psychics are referred to as psychic detectives. By definition, a psychic detective is simply a person who uses parapsychology to help in criminal investigations. Psychic gifts like those of mediumship (the ability to communicate with those who have passed away), postcognition (the method of paranormal perception of the past), psychometry (information psychically gained from sensing the energies from objects), telepathy, and remote viewing, among many more.

So how can psychic detectives aid in investigations? Usually, psychics can present strong leads to investigations that information is limited about. Three most popular techniques are mediumship, postcognition, and psychometry. Evidently, there are different tactics like telepathy, numerology, tarot cards, among many more. All these methods use parapsychological means to obtain information. Example; when mediumship is used to get info on a murder case, the psychic employs his/her mediumship skills to connect with the victim to get first hand information.

For many years, psychic detectives have been helping authorities. Actually, a number of records note that of their heroic crime handling competencies. It was in 1845 that the use of parapsychology for crime fighting was first known. Typical cases wherein psychics help authorities usually include murder and kidnap conditions.

Nevertheless, the unfortunate part is, although these amazing detectives contribute greatly to resolving criminal cases, psychics have not been provided due credit for their assistance. Not even a single psychic has been acknowledged or given official acknowledgement by police authorities anywhere in the world. Another thing, since psychics acquire information through extrasensory means which are unexplainable by science and logic, it can sometimes be a concern for law enforcers to reinforce the information offered by psychics (fact is, the law lives by logic).

A survey conducted in the United States in 1993, showed that only one third of the country’s police force are open to accept help of these psychics. In other parts of the world, most law enforcers are even denying the help of these extraordinary psychics to solve crimes.

However, despite the fact that psychics are not given the acceptance and credit they rightfully should have, they still carry on helping authorities for justice to prevail. Although many things in the psychic sphere just show up without any explanation at all, we cannot close our eyes to this fact — that amongst the unexplainable magic, there is still actuality in the ways it shows.

Tana Hoy is a natural born psychic. As America’s foremost psychic medium, Tana has been helping others with his gift of psychic mediumship. Is there a mind boggling question you wish to have answered by someone who has left this life? Check out Tana’s website and see the many possibilities that his psychic powers can bring you!

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