Preparing for Divorce with Kids: New Divorce Solution Alleviates Common Stresses

Austin, TX (PRWEB) November 15, 2012

The two biggest stressors in a divorce situation are kids and money, according to Daryl Weinman, creator of new concept, Divorce Resort. The new concept offered by Weinman & Associates proposes a drastically different approach, in what mental health experts everywhere are heralding as the divorce solution of the future.

When a family unit faces separation, the process can unintentionally leave children stuck right in the middle of the battle. When parents are in conflict, children know it, they worry about it, and they are unable to focus on just being a kid. This can have drastic effects on their development, their psyches, and their future. The longer a divorce process drags out, the more stress there is on the family, and the harder it becomes to recover after the divorce. The traditional process makes it difficult to be able to effectively co-parent with the other person post-divorce. Ugly things are said during litigation, and those comments can never be un-heard and are not easily forgotten.

To add to the mix, in traditional divorce litigation, neither party involved can individually control the amount of community money spent on attorneys fees and experts; this means that vast amounts of money intended for the familys future can be unnecessarily wasted in the short term.

Daryl explains, Depending on the level of conflict, they can watch all of their savings, their children’s college funds, and their retirement money disappear into the pockets of the attorneys and expert witnesses, without much control over it.

The revolutionary new concept from Divorce Resort alleviates all of that. Parents work with a neutral mediator/arbitrator to develop creative and unique solutions for their individual families, to address their familys specific needs. Plus, parties pay just one flat fee for this service. This allows couples to put a spending ceiling the amount of money to be spent on their divorce and don’t have to stress that their retirement and their childrens college funds are going out the window.

Divorce Resort takes the risk of expensive litigation out of the equation making it the perfect divorce solution for anyone preparing for a divorce with kids. It also provides a therapeutic solution for a stressful situation. Parties experience their negotiations in privacy and seclusion, in a relaxed environment, and without having to talk to each other directly.

Research has long shown that the level of conflict and the quality of the relationship between parents causes the most stress and potentially the most psychological damage to children of divorcing parents. Managing that conflict and the parents relationship going forward must be the highest priority for parents in order to minimize the long term effects a divorce can have on their kids. When parents take control of their own divorce process and work toward creative solutions for their individual family, the negative effects on their can be minimized.

About Divorce Resort:

Divorce Resort is a revolutionary new concept by the law firm Weinman & Associates. Divorce Resorts fresh approach to resolving major family law issues focuses on providing a stress-free and amicable way to finalize your divorce and move forward with your life. Available to anyone in the U.S., Divorce Resort offers an innovative approach to a difficult and emotional process.

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