Postpartum depression may not harm children's IQ

Postpartum depression may not harm children's IQ
However, based on the results of a new study that appears in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, postpartum depression may not have any impact on a child's mental development during their first six weeks, dailyRX reported. …
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A journey to fill the heart
The man who could play it, the former child prodigy groomed for a career as a concert pianist, chose a different path. That path took the man, Michael Wallach, to Duke University's psychology department in 1962, where he has devoted himself to the …
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'Parenthood' takes parental love full circle
Why is it so difficult for parents and children to get along, to see each other's perspective or meet or understand each other's expectations? In a 2007 'Psychology Today' article, Nando Pelusi, Ph.D. said: 'We're on the same team as our parents, …

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