Physical and Psychological Effects of Stress

Physical and Psychological Effects of Stress

Article by John

Many people are thinking that stress is something that only has psychological effect, that at its worst can “only” result in insanity. This is a wrong thought, since our psychological state is directly effecting our physical state, and therefor, stress can be a cause for physical illness as well. Here are a few illness that can be caused by stress.

1. Brain damage. People under stress will produce glucocorticoid hormone. This can weakning our brain cells and killing them. This is a known cause for dementia and alzheimer. Stress is also effected our short term memory, so it is common for people under stress to forget what he / she was eating at lunch.

2. Stress can cause insomnia. Sleep is a very important process for our body. Did you know that people can stay alive without food longer than without sleep? During sleep our body recover and healing itself, growing new cells and replacing the old and dead ones.

3. Stress can increases the risk of heart attack. A person under stress has less blood circulating through his / her brain. Brain consumes around 20% of total oxygen our body needed. Since there are less blood for the brain, the heart will receive less blood to re-pump. This will cause imbalance in the heart function, and later increasing the risk of heart attack.

4. A prolonged stress can cause depression. Don’t take depression lightly. People under depression can feel very low and hopeless, and there are plenty cases of suicide that rooted in depression. Not only that, depression can destroy relationship as depressed people tend to be irritable, short-tempered, and aggressive. This thing can going on as a circle, someone can feel depressed because he / she is alone, but then, he / she is alone because the other person can’t stand his / her depression-related-behaviors.

5. People under stress is easier to be infected with any kind of illness. Our body has its own immune system. In many occasion, we may be in contact with various germs and bacteria, but our immune system fight back and saves us, without we ever know. As stress is usually effecting our moods and appectite, then our immune system will get weaker as we sleep and eat less. Sleep is part of the immune system itself, and we need food as fuel for our body to functions.

Stress is not something we can take lightly. It is common and natural emotion, but we should always keep our stress level under control. A prolonged and severe stress can lead us to many serious illness, not only mental disorder, but also physical illness.

Stress can be very destructive. If you are under a lot of stress I’d advise you to get professional help. For those of you living in Montreal and South Shore, please consider contacting psychologist in Montreal and South Shore. Help is always available.

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