Part 1: Carol Tavris on Cognitive Dissonance and Consonance

Carol Tavris Book “Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me)” is one of the most useful social psychology and cognitive psychology books of our time.
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In Part 2 –1912 paper by Max Wertheimer on apparent motion (phi phenomenon) (“Experimental Studies of the Perception of Movement”); how this challenged theories of sensation and perception; –1923 paper on principles of perceptual organization –How Gestalt REALLY started (1912). Cognition. Max Wertheimer’s “Numbers and numerical concepts in primitive peoples.” Max’s favorite examples of thinking that wasn’t primitive at all. –Productive Thinking; creative thought and problem solving. –Wolfgang Kohler, Kurt Koffka, “The Berlin School,” perception, learning, cognition. Koffka’s textbook, Principles Gestalt Psychology.

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  1. bjjolley said,

    Wrote on January 25, 2012 @ 7:34 am

    This video should be watched by everyone. Mostly those who´╗┐ speak English, but you know what I mean. Writing this as of 117 views. Hard to overstate how important dissonance theory is to critical thinking.

    Dr. Tavris is one of my heroes.

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