The Psychology of Selling

Biochemical and Physiological Aspects of Human Nutrition

Product DescriptionCornell Univ., New York, NY. Advanced text covering the molecular, cellular, tissues, and whole-body level of nutrition in a human context. Intended for upper-level undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals. Addresses nutrients by classification and their integrated metabolism and utilization. Illustrated in a variety of formats. Biochemical and Physiological Aspects of Human…. Click Here to Read More

Genius Explained

Product DescriptionThe cherished view of genius is that it is a special inborn gift: something mysterious, even miraculous. In Genius Explained, psychologist Michael Howe traces the lives of some exceptionally creative men and women, including Charles Darwin, the Brontë sisters, George Eliot, Michael Faraday, Albert Einstein and the railway inventor George Stephenson. Their biographies reveal how the extraordinary capabilities of these people were clearly rooted in the experiences and opportunities that forged their characters. Eschewing mysticism, Howe’s study shows that to be a genius demands a strong sense of direction and an extraordinary degree of commitment, focus, practice,…. Click Here to Read More

Is philosophy-psychology major career path a good choice to earn a lot of ” medium of exchange”?

If yes then what would be a highly well-paid job in the job market in America regarding student graduate with philosophy, psychology major? As an ADHD individuals I need to study things that my brain interested in for practicing concentration purposes. Any suggestions or helps would be an act of…. Click Here to Read More

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where can i free download personality psychology ebook?

Can please someone tell me where can i download free personality and social psychology…. Click Here to Read More

Rapid Review Pathology: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access

Product DescriptionGet the most from your study time…and experience a realistic USMLE simulation! Rapid Review Pathology, by Edward F. Goljan, MD, makes it easy for you to master all of the pathology material covered on the USMLET Step 1 Exam. It combines an outline-format review of key concepts with over 400 hundred USMLE-style practice questions – online – that give you all the practice you need to succeed!BookOutline format: Concise, high-yield subject matter is presented in a study-friendly format.High-yield margin notes: Key content that is most likely to appear on the exam is reinforced in the margin notes.Visual elements: Full-color photographs are utilized to enhance your…. Click Here to Read More

The Psychology of Selling

Counselling Psychology: Let Your Guiding Light Shine

Counselling psychology is the largest specialty area within psychology. The Society of Counselling Psychology describes this field as “…a psychological specialty that facilitates personal and interpersonal functioning across the lifespan with a focus on emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental and organizational concerns.” Those pursuing or wanting to pursue counselling psychology as a career will find a large vista of optional career paths also opening up to them. These can be related to research, teaching, vocational counselling, and of course, psychotherapy. There is a gamut of options when it comes to studying counselling psychology courses online…. Click Here to Read More

The Psychology of Selling

Organizational Psychology: A Scientist-Practitioner Approach

Product DescriptionThorough and up-to-date coverage of both the science and practice of organizational psychology This Second Edition reflects the latest developments and research in the field using a scientist-practitioner model that expertly integrates multicultural and international issues as it addresses the most current knowledge and topics in the practice of organizational psychology. Beginning with a foundation of research methodology, this text examines the behavior of individuals in organizational settings and shows readers how psychological models can be used to improve employee morale, productivity, and quality of service. Written in an accessible style…. Click Here to Read More

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Child Psychology: Hot Career Choice Child Psychology

What is Child Psychology?Child Psychology is the treatment of children with psychological disorders using the most up-to-date studies and knowledge. Preparation for a position in Child Psychology includes training in evaluation processes and/or accumulation of data in clinical settings in support or supervision of licensed social workers. Training includes dealing with issues children face in emotional development, drug and/or alcohol use and family problems. Although there are many spectrums of Child Psychology, the general focus is on childhood development.EducationPsychology Schools The area of interest within a career of Child Psychology determines the level of education needed and the…. Click Here to Read More

Improving Accuracy in Mental Health Assessment and Treatment

Decisions in mental health treatment are often relatively subjective and clinical judgment is prone to errors. But must it be that way?  There is a solution, but, since this problem characterizes all of our work, finding it can be challenging. To start with, the clinical decision maker and the subject are both human beings, their reactions eluding any “empirically supported” treatment protocol. For example, the difficulty in arriving at an effective treatment plan is compounded by variations in the way mental health labels are understood by a clinician. Consider depression. When clients describe themselves as “depressed,” how do we know exactly what they mean? For one, “depression”…. Click Here to Read More

The Psychology of Selling

Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself

Product DescriptionAn expert guide for codependents on how to stop controlling others and start caring for themselves. Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for…. Click Here to Read More

Alien psychology and concepts are very likely different than we can imagine?

If there are aliens out there, then how would we know that any of their characteristics would parallel that of any of Earth’s lifeforms? Since they would be completely independent of us, they would likely be so different from us that it would be very difficult to apply any familiar concepts to them. Fundamental concepts as we know them could not easily apply to the aliens, such as psychology, intelligence, sexuality, language, society, culture, ethics, math, or technology. Those things, if they even are there, would develop so differently that there may as well be new terms for them. Intelligence, for example, may not be such a linear process, so the most advanced aliens could be…. Click Here to Read More

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Horn joins Prudential

Horn joins Prudential Christie Horn Herb Josepher, manager of Prudential California Realty’s Del Mar office, recently announced that Christie Horn joined his team. Before she decided to focus on real estate as her full-time career, Horn earned a bachelor of science degree in psychology and a juris doctorate from University of San Diego School of Law. She has worked as a high-level executive and general counsel for 25 … Read more on Solana Beach…. Click Here to Read More

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