Pagan Psychotherapist Celebrates Conversion Therapy Ban in California

Judith Montville-White. Owner Nova Psychotherapy
Image by Augur Marketing
Judith Montville-White owner Nova Psychotherapy.

Pagan Psychotherapist Celebrates Conversion Therapy Ban in California
So it comes as no surprise that one of the key groups working towards the passage of this law, Gaylesta, a LGBTQ Psychotherapy Association, features a co-president who also happens to be a Reclaiming priestess: Deborah Oak. At her recently revived blog …
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Video Games: The Future of Psychotherapy?
This could change the way we think about psychotherapy. If video games are already inadvertently elevating our chances of taking over our dreams, imagine what might happen when video game developers study the psychological literature and build their …
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Has Psychotherapy Taken a Back Seat to Medication?
Washington, DC – Even though countless studies show that psychotherapy helps people living with depression and anxiety, drug therapy has become the most popular course of treatment over the past decade. The American Psychological Association (APA) …
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