Overcome Opiate Addiction with the 12 Month Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment Program at Five Points Wellness and Recovery

Mequon, Wisconsin (PRWEB) February 13, 2013

Each day millions of people suffer from the devastating cycle of opiate addiction. The impact of opiate addiction extends far beyond the ravages on the body. The ramifications of opiate addiction causes job loss, failed relationships, a disregard for ones physical well-being and a pattern of mistrust. The Five Points Wellness and Recovery Program, a 12-month outpatient opiate addiction program in Southeastern Wisconsin, provides those seeking wellness a comprehensive, integrated and innovative approach to sustained recovery. Five Points addresses all aspects of lives impacted by opiate addiction.

The Five Points Model provides clients with a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, a psychologist, a psychiatrist and recovery liaison to support them as they address the Five Points of their lives; psychological, family, occupational, physical and social. This unique approach does not view addiction and recovery in isolation. They are viewed as elements of the clients lives affecting their whole life. By addressing the Five Points and integrating sobriety and wellness into their lives, clients will have the opportunity to transform themselves.

Use of Suboxone in Opiate Addiction and Recovery:

Jeffrey Taxman, M.D., Suboxone Certified and Board Certified Psychiatrist for the Five Points Wellness and Recovery Program says, Suboxone has proven to be of great benefit to many who are seeking to overcome addiction to opiates. With the Five Points model our aim is to help the clients gain more than abstinence,, but also progress in all aspects of their lives. Most of all, we want to help the individual maintain this recovered life for them and their loved ones.

The Five Points Model:

The Five Points Wellness and Recovery Program offers a bio-psycho-social path to recovery that realizes the client and community are the foundation upon which recovery and lasting changes are built and sustained. Addressing these in a collaborative process with the Five Points clinical team ensures that the clients recovery extends beyond mere abstinence from drug use, and is reflected in a comprehensive and positive change in all aspects of life.

This model emphasizes long-term outpatient care, a one-year commitment, and active participation in a wealth of clinically indicated, individually designed treatment interventions. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Initial Assessment and monthly consultation with the Five Points Lead Psychiatrist,
Medication Monitoring of Suboxone and any other medications the client is taking,
Frequent and Random Urine Screens,
Weekly Sessions with a Masters level AODA Certified Five Points Recovery Liaison,
Weekly Sessions with a Masters level licensed clinician and/or Clinical Psychologist
AODA Group meetings twice a month,
A Monthly Medication Management Group, led by the Five Points Lead Psychiatrist,
Family and/or couples counseling, as clinically indicated.

In addition to the above, the Five Points Model is strengthened by open collaboration and dialogue between the client and all members of the treatment team. As such, there are monthly, individualized treatment team meetings, which focus on tracking progress, making revisions to the treatment plan, and integrating members of the participants family and/or community, as needed to enhance positive outcomes.

The Five Points Treatment Plan is focused, from start to finish, with clearly defined timelines and measures of success., where the ultimate goal is to reclaim a healthy life.

For More Information:

The Five Points Wellness and Recovery Program is now accepting new clients. For more details about the program or to schedule a meeting with Dr. Taxman and the Five Points Wellness and Recovery Team, please contact their offices at 262.241.7778. Also please visit their website at http://www.mequonclinical.com/five-points.

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