Options for becoming a psychopharmacologist?

Question by : Options for becoming a psychopharmacologist?
I am currently an undergrad majoring in Biochemistry (up in the air as of now) and I want to pursue a career in psychopharmacology. What options do I have in this pursuance? I was initially looking at going into a combined PharmD/Phd program but I’m looking more towards getting an MD. do any medical schools offer this as a field of study or is it something you specialize in through independent study/further schooling?

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Answer by Emily M
You have a number of options, including
1. Go to graduate school in pharmacology and do your research in psychopharmacology
2. Go to medical school, do a psychiatry residency, and do research in pscyhopharmacology
3. Get an MD/PhD and do your Ph.D research in psychopharmacology, followed by a psychiatry residency.
4. Go to graduate school in clinical psychology, earn a Ph.D. or Psy.D., followed by an M.S. in psychopharmacology (see second link for an example)

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