Opt For The Stop Smoking Laser Treatment – Forget Smoking

Opt For The Stop Smoking Laser Treatment – Forget Smoking

Article by Roy Dobson

It often happens that you are well aware of the hazards of smoking but still cannot quit the habit. It is then that you need a treatment to help gain freedom from smoking. The stop smoking laser treatment can be an effective way of escaping from the bondage of smoking.

The stop smoking laser treatment is a modern and innovative anti-smoking treatment. The method of this treatment is very efficient but costly.

The method of stop smoking laser treatment

The approach to stop smoking laser treatment is quite scientific and simple. Laser treatment is natural and painless. The meridian points in the smoker’s body are effected with laser beams of low intensity. This relaxes you and helps you to resist the smoking cravings. The meridian points that are activated for the release of endorphins are the nose, ears, hands, forearm and the wrist.

Soon after the laser treatment, you will be able to understand the positive results of the treatment. The low level laser treatment (LLLT) has a success rate of 64% to 90%.

The LLLT therapy is usually done in three steps. It normally requires a 20 to 30 minutes duration depending on the smoker’s condition.

The First Stage – Laser activation of the meridian points.Outcome – Reduces the dependency of the body on nicotine.

The Second Stage – Controlling the appetite points.Outcome – Prevents extra weight gain.

The Third Stage – Stimulation of the relaxation points. Outcome – Release of the endorphins.

Endorphin is produced by our pituitary gland and removes the withdrawal distress caused by the nicotine.

Pros and Cons of laser treatment

Though there are physiological as well as psychological aspects of smoking addiction, the laser treatment is excellent in combating nicotine to get rid of the physiological aspect of addiction. A great benefit of opting for the laser treatment is that unlike the other medications, it comes without any side effects.

But it is always better to know that laser treatment has its pros and cons. It may have no side effects, but yes, the treatment is a very costly one. Often it may so happen that you pay a hefty amount and then you do not get the desired results. So, it is always better to get the stop smoking laser treatment done along with some other kinds of treatments. Remember, that the cost of treatment will be less in comparison to the large amounts of money you waste on the cigarette packets.

Everyone can opt for the stop smoking laser treatment, as it is safe except the cancer patients, pregnant women and the epileptic patients.

The stop smoking laser treatment if combined with the behavior treatment, supports from your friends and family and good exercising can bear wonderful results.

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