Occupational Health Psychology – September 2010

This is a video produced by Paige Gardner, a PhD student in the Occupational Health Psychology program at Colorado State University. Paige gives us an update on the OHP program’s outreach activities during the month of September, 2010.
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Islam and stress (Health Psychology- stress and the affect on the body)

Health Psychology- The affects of Stress on an Individuals Health. Plenty of duas and ayats for us all! The Alarm Stage The Alarm stage is when the “Fight or Flight” activates. When an individual is faced with a dangerous situation, the nervous system will send a message to the brain. In the brain, the hypothalamus and pituitary gland will set off the “fight or flight” response. In order to get energy for the “fight or flight” response, the subcutaneous fat will be released into the bloodstream. The brain will release a hormone called adrenaline into the bloodstream, and all the body parts will then work to either face the situation and fight or flee to escape danger. The Adrenaline glands are placed near the kidneys and release hormones called adrenaline and noradrenaline. These hormones will then play a role in: raising the heartbeat, widening the airways to the lungs and tightens blood vessels which supplying the skin and intestines. The brain will also produce hormones such as: cortisol, and cortisone. Furthermore, the brain stops the production of chemicals such as dopamine and growth hormone. This is a reason why a person may feel moody because the chemical Dopamine is what controls our mood. Furthermore, during the Alarm stage there will be an increase in the heart rate — which could lead to high blood pressure and indigestion. The heartbeat will rise to 100% to supply the body with more blood. Next, the person will experience indigestion- the digestion system
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    WTF?! Is with the trippy guitar music playing throughout?! AND THE WIND?! You can barely hear what anyone is saying. Shame.

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    Jazak Allah
    This is a great video

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