Observation psychology experiment with children?

Question by februarysong: Observation psychology experiment with children?
I want to do an observation study with children for my experimental psychology class. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Answer by ♥♥♥
This is a fun one. Test Children’s Ability to Delay Gratification. What you do is have a child in a room with you and have some candy and ask the child, would you like some. When the child say yes, have your phone ring and then tell the child. Oh, too bad I have to go, but if you can wait until I get back, you can have two piece. Keep the candy on the table, visible to the child and wait 2 minutes then go back. Spread the times out longer and longer and note how long the child is able to wait. Do this with children in different age categories and make sure to have both genders so you can compare across both age groups and genders. It is fun to see how they compare!

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