Non-Duality & PsychoTherapy – How they Conflict, Interrelate, and Co-Operate – Debs Malki (Psychotherapist with an experiential interest in Non-Duality) and Bentinho Massaro (Free Awareness) speak on how NonDuality – or the science of Enlightenment (freedom from suffering) – and Psycho Therapy conflict, interrelate and possibly work together. Debs Malki practices Schema Therapy, which is a combination of several forms of Psychotherapy, among which CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Psychodynamic Therapy, and Gestalt, and she has an increased interest in other approaches such as some forms of Non-Duality, which in general suggest a more direct approach to freedom. Bentinho Massaro, author and founder of specializes in practical and accessible approaches to experiencing one’s already present perfection as a direct way to derive well-being and freedom from, rather than to dig into the story of things from the premise of being imperfect, flawed or needing to get rid of certain emotions. Free Awareness is all about relaxing into the stories, as to experientially recognize that there is effortless and perfect freedom, ever-available to us simply be deciding to relax into the experience as it is, rather than trying to define and categorize it. Much Gratitude to Debs Malki for suggesting this topic and contributing to the content. I hope she will inspire many established therapists to look into their own premise of the client, form which they start coaching, and how they could integrate non-duality, or Free
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Mindfulness & Psychotherapy ~ Shinzen Young

Shinzen talks about the historical cross-fertilization between early Buddhism and other cultures, and goes on to share how now in the west, neuroscience, physics, contemplative traditions and psychotherapy are being cross-fertilized with mindfulness practice. He goes on to share the similarities and differences between psychotherapy and mindfulness. Filmed in Nov. 2009 at Mt. Carmel Spiritual Centre in Niagara Falls.
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  1. Claude Lebel said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 7:41 am

    Byron Katie questions the beliefs and leads the person to see the effect of the belief as well as an experience of what it would be like if the belief were absent. She never asks a person to drop the belief …. in other words, she never suggests that we go to war against our beliefs, only to question them until they disolve of their own accord.

  2. asktheanswer424 said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 7:53 am


  3. krakelmees said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 8:16 am

    An unavoidable characteristic of thought is, next to having some content, a notion of overseeing/talking about/being outside of the content. While pointing the addressee to the sea, the pointing thought appearantly assumes itself something that oversees the sea! By thinking the thought, there is pulling away. Of course not pulling away from I, but from a conceptual I by the next thought. The sea doesn’t know the sea, it ís the sea.
    Thought is an impossible pointing device… Cheers, thanx :)

  4. Claude Lebel said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 8:43 am

    Thank you :)

    I have an audio on my channel called ‘nothing wrong’ by Adyashanti which may be of interest. It can be a subtle thing because we tend not to realize the beliefs we are operating from.

  5. christian4ever4 said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 9:33 am

    I’m happy for you.

  6. lgarvey1979 said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 10:27 am


  7. mikeyo1234 said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 10:52 am

    It is not CBT that relates to unconditional love. It is person centred therapy that does this. Carl Roger’s techniques are compatible with non-duality.

  8. Sjors van Lingen said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 11:18 am

    I love her voice

  9. Mrm7771 said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 11:27 am

    Thank u so much for this beautiful interview :)

  10. Mrm7771 said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 12:03 pm

    My experience is that after my kundalini awakening I took one year jungian therapy. At the beginning I felt that I was diffused everywhere, haunted by thoughts. Now I feel that I am a core of warm joyful well being and the thoughts are easily identified as nothing, it is an utter surrendering to “I cant help but being who I am” and flow instead of statically grasping to everything. So Id say that the psychotherapeutic process is one of dismantling the time/space loops in our energy fields.

  11. gorapeng said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 12:40 pm

    I wonder if Debs was digging ACT and whether she does now.

  12. Claude Lebel said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 12:52 pm

    Show me one snowflake which is not perfect and I will show you that this is simply a thought in your own mind.

  13. Claude Lebel said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 1:10 pm

    Your comment is also a jugment in your mind and one with which I disagree. Tell me what is wrong with a beautiful sunset or an innocent and happy child. I also had a very direct experience of perfection which cannot be so easily expressed in words but you, your true non-egoic self, is perfect because it is in the image of God …. but you have to see it to believe it. It is not a jugment, it is a recognition just as awakening is a recognition.

  14. telemicus75 said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 1:34 pm

    there is no such thing as perfection, that is a judgement in your mind.

  15. telemicus75 said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 1:49 pm

    @theinnercreative Until you really know yourself and your story on deeper and deeper levels you will never be free from pain.

  16. Claude Lebel said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 2:17 pm

    Seems that if the therapist has not found his own perfection or freedom he cannot energetically treat his patient as anything other than flawed …. to a greater or lesser extent (?)

  17. Claude Lebel said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 2:53 pm

    I was raised to believe that I was terribly inadequate and 3 months ago at the age of 62 while I was moving around in my living room, a light went on inside of me and I said out loud to myself “Fxxx, there is nothing wrong with me. The is nothing wrong with me.” and I couldn’t believe it. I had been running this program unconsciously for decades and suddenly I was free of it. I will not say that the program is completely disolved but that was a huge and very sudden step.

  18. Will Choi said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 3:13 pm


  19. livingcircle said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 3:30 pm

    “You can discover that Presence as yourself”. I only nit pick because the person to person perspective is so tramelled along the lines of getting something amidst a mind already trained to differentiate and identify personally. When we meet truly – we open in and as presence.
    If that’s helpful – I am grateful to be with you. If it isnt, I am grateful to be in the willingness to be with you.

  20. fuckgegg said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 4:10 pm

    Yes, I know that I am perfect I just get caught up in my stories. After 60 years of living a difficult life it’s hard for me to just rid myself. I try, but realize that trying is not doing. I would love to be able to talk to you Bentinho, to sit and look into your special eyes and listen to you and interact. I’m sure you could help me. But I know that I hold everything in me. I just need to quiet my mind and relax. Maybe someday we shall meet. Debby

  21. fuckgegg said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 4:31 pm

    The joy of finding someone to talk to who wasn’t caught up in the ‘role’ and who could embrace you as being perfect would be wonderful. I’d like to find someone in San Diego like this.

  22. shunyam56 said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 5:30 pm

    If that is so, then only place to/we can start is, with(in) ourself. Simple! Hi brotha, thanks for your sharing, videos (Ah Bob Sailor!!!!), much love from Italy Shunyam

  23. Opentotruth1 said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 6:06 pm

    the only neurotic thing is thinking we should be different than what is happening now.

  24. Opentotruth1 said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 6:18 pm

    For a period of time my sister counseled young children at school. They would run from the classroom to her office happy to see her and then leave her office in happiness. Its so simple, she did not address them as a problem. She reflected back to them the love that they are. We all are this same love and simply want to see it and be it.

  25. Opentotruth1 said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 7:06 pm

    Its kind of funny that Ben is talking to a voice here. Did Debs Malki want to be anonymous? hmmm, unseen, thats one of my favorite stunts!
    love, Chetana

  26. Raina430 said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 7:13 pm

    This is such a precise description of the complimentarily of mindfulness and psychotherapy. I wish I could write this out and send it to some friends. I have struggled to understand this, feeling,at times,that regressive therapy is deeper& more helpful than mindfulness,then, at other times, feeling the reverse! I hope more of Shinzen’s longer talks appear here,so people can appreciate his  way of explaining things with a precision that is awesome! Thanks so much for the videos!

  27. greenrate said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 7:29 pm

    The use of dissolves in the editing of a lot of these videos is an interesting technique to induce awareness of the process of the arising of phenomena in experience . . .

  28. luminaia said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 8:10 pm

    I really enjoyed the precision of wording in this comparison – especially the visual analogy of how the inner processing differs between mindfulness practice and psychotherapy.

  29. NiccoloG said,

    Wrote on December 24, 2012 @ 8:26 pm

    Well done, as always!

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