my psychology assignment RAMADAN ?

Question by ♥ OranGe QuEen ♥: my psychology assignment RAMADAN ?
i need help 4 my psychology assignment.
pls tell me which one is better and give reasons for your answer..
a unisex school or a mixed school.
along with your answer pls specify:
1 your age group- a)12 to 21
b)21 to 35
2 your gender
3 your nationality.
salam alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakaatuhu
ok what i mean is…school with girls and boys in seperate classrooms or mixed.
and 21 belongs to group b) and 35 belong to group c)

and 1 more thing:
do you think i am toooo serious?
and i lack sence of humor?


Best answer:

Answer by Cara A
A unisex school is better.
Why is a unisex school better?? Because some people are distracted by people of the opposite sex. What do i mean? Well they spend too much time worrying about how they look, or what anyone especially people of the opposite sex, will think of them, that their school work starts going down the drain. People need to be more focused in school and take school more seriously. School is not a place where people can just ” hang out” with their buddies. School is a privilege, it can be taken away.
1a) 12 to 21
2 female
3 morocco

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  1. Love AllahThe REAL ONE -ADD ME said,

    Wrote on April 4, 2014 @ 4:44 am

    1) Unisex by the way, is a school for both sexes

    What you mean is single sex. Gets better results. Less obsession with opp. sex. More disciplined students

    I’m 17, female, British Pakistani and Muslim

    And proud of it

  2. -DrkNez- [яєlσαdєd.] said,

    Wrote on April 4, 2014 @ 5:43 am

    Unisex (isn’t unisex and mixed sex the same thing?)
    3) Somali and Arab. But I don’t believe in nationality.

  3. leon21agustus said,

    Wrote on April 4, 2014 @ 6:29 am

    Mixed school is better.The students can learn to respect each other and understand each other better. I’m 35+ , male and malaysian.

  4. wazgud ★ said,

    Wrote on April 4, 2014 @ 7:20 am

    unisex b/c it eliminates the distraction of the opposite sex…but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the students will focus better…a unisex school only tackles one of the distractions..but there will still be popularity issues, bullying, etc. unless the school system cracks down on these things as well…

    1. a
    2. female
    3. american bangladeshi

    wa alaikum asalam wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu


  5. lowie said,

    Wrote on April 4, 2014 @ 7:38 am

    of course unisex school
    because im in one and in a unisex school u won’t get easily distracted,
    u don’t exactly need to worry when you have pimples…lol
    while in mixed school, u can have both male and female to compete against each other to achieve better grades….
    1) a

  6. Tn Hz said,

    Wrote on April 4, 2014 @ 7:55 am

    reason: according to a report in mixed school more than 95% girls passing the school loses their virginity in the US this is one of the worst consequence of co-education
    – a survey was done in india so the result was that students in unisex schools learn better than mixed schools and the reasons are obvious that in unisex schools they concentrate more in their studies
    thats enough i guess

    1-12 to 21

  7. porquemoi said,

    Wrote on April 4, 2014 @ 8:44 am

    Mixed sex schools are better because by attending them boys learn to respect girls instead of seeing them as inferior creatures to be beaten like 4;34 in the koran instructs muslims to do.

  8. TellyB said,

    Wrote on April 4, 2014 @ 9:16 am

    Because you indicated that this assignment is Ramadan, one of the key tenets of the muslim religion and Ramadan is separation of the sexes. During Ramadan communal prayer, men and women pray in different levels of the mosque. Public comingling of sexes is restricted. ”

    MIxed school is better because it ensures that education system is equal opportunity. Mixed schools provide fairness and equitable education for the girls. Even in mixed schools today, the funding for sports and activities favors spending on the boys, while girls receive less in funding for typical designated ‘girls activities’.Mixed gender environment offers students exposure to the ideas of everyone, not only same sex ideas. With mixed schools, the genders are more prepared to interact in society and their communities.

    With many women needing to work today to avoid poverty for themselves, their children, and their families, it is important that there is equality in education. Statistics show that the majority living in poverty are women. The literacy rate for women, worldwide is 71.48 percent compared to 83.71 percent for men. In developing countries, the literacy rate for men is 59.19 percent, while for women it is only 39.3 percent. Of the 130 million school-age children who do not receive an education, 73 million are girls. Of the 960 million illiterate adults, two-thirds are women. ..Evidence suggests that women and girls of disadvantaged racial, ethnic, immigrant and indigenous groups have fewer educational resources.

    Studies that have shown single gender schools achievements as better than mixed schools are often comparing apples and oranges, by comparing a ‘private elite’ single gender school with the mixed gender public schools. I have not heard of any great leader claim that a same-gender school environment was a reason for their success in life and happiness. Perhaps the best solution is to give students and parents options for students to attend either same gender or mixed school.

    Dr. Mahmood Abu Saud, the well-known scholar, gave his views on Muslim teens (boys/girls) talking socially, which seems to support mixed gender education environments which allow controlled supervised interactions.
    Dr. Abu Saud: “It is healthy for boys and girls to talk and socialize as long as they do that within the Islamic moral code: no obscenity, no touching, no secret appointments, etc. They should talk socially in order to know each other as ordained by God in Quran (Surah al-Hujrat). However, one must be careful about what this social talking leads to. ”
    Shahid Athar: They should talk socially in order to know each other as ordained by God in the Quran (Surah al-Hujrat). However, one must be careful in what this social talking leads to. ”

    B, Female, US

  9. magicofdawn (again) said,

    Wrote on April 4, 2014 @ 9:19 am

    Mixed school is better. School is supposed to help prepare you for life. Men and women mingle in life…at work, at some places of worship, at stores, in parks, in the movies, etc… Respect needs to be taught instead of teaching the opposite sex is evil and too much of a temptation.

    Porquemoi gave a great answer (as usual!).

  10. Khadi said,

    Wrote on April 4, 2014 @ 9:56 am


    tc xoxo

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