Mom Banned from 8 McDonald's Restaurants

Fwd: Harvard Lab for Developmental Psychology
Developmental Psychology
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Mom Banned from 8 McDonald's Restaurants
A college instructor at the University of Phoenix, Mesa Community College and Kaplan University with a doctorate in developmental psychology, at the same time a 36-year-old mother of four, Carr-Jordan is pursuing a national crusade to clean up the …
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Good, bad parenting effects may hinge on child's genes
Study author Benjamin L. Hankin, an associate professor of clinical child and developmental cognitive neuroscience psychology at University of Denver, talks about weeds and orchids to explain what happens. Weeds grow pretty much anywhere, …
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An Integral Progressive Critique/Appreciation of Occupy Wall Street
Incorporating insights from perennial philosophy, the constructive thread of postmodern thought, and developmental psychology (Piaget, Maslow, Kohlberg, Carol Gilligan, Ken Wilber, etc.) integral politics understands that human consciousness evolves. …
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