Mental Illness Does Not Always Lead To Violence

Mental Illness Does Not Always Lead To Violence

Article by Mark Walters

The prospect of mental illness is often accompanied by a certainty of violent behavior, according to the popular conception. The mentally ill are seen as violent, unpredictable, and a clear risk to have nearby. The most common perception of fractured mental health shows that the mentally ill are dangerous, violent individuals that could explode into physical outbursts at the slightest provocation. However, this is actually rather erroneous. According to research, it takes more factors than just something like mental health damage to drive someone to commit random acts of violence.

The study looked into various possible factors, including substance abuse and a history of violent acts. While mental illness and overall mental health state would be a factor in someone exhibiting exceedingly violent behavior, it is not the sole determinant. For example, mental health problems can range in severity from the mild to the extreme, and most people with only a mild problem would have relatively normal behavior. It was also noted that those that lack any of the major risk factors were not any more likely to be violent than those that were not mentally ill.

Studies have determined a number of possible factors that could lead to violent behaviors and acts, with mental health being among them. However, there were also several others. A history of being violent or part of violent acts was among the top factors, along with age. It was found that younger individuals were more prone to engage in physical, violent outbursts. Also included were records such as juvenile detention, divorce or similar separations within the past year, and being involved in parental criminal activity. Unemployment was also listed as a factor. The study was reportedly prompted by suggestions that gun purchasing laws and requirements be revised to include mental health background examinations, in light of violent incidents involving those who have exhibited signs of mental illness.

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A person’s mental health – particularly when damaged – has long been blamed for sudden and unexpected bursts of violent behavior. However, recent studies show that it is not as big a factor as people believe, and that other factors have a bigger effect.

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