Malien Psychology

Malien Psychology

Article by Robin Bright

A writer of science fiction; stories published include: ‘Out of this World’ (1994) and ‘Ride!’ she said’ (1997) for the UK’s Desire magazine. Stories published in Hungary; ‘Sas’ in Oszirisz Országa [‘Special Angel Service’ in Land of Osiris]. Cherubion Press, Debrecen, Hungary, 1996, pp.184-91, `Bevezetés a Valhallába’ in Universzum Örokösei [‘Valhalla for Starters’ in Inheritors of the Universe], Cherubion Press, 1996, pp. 143-7, ‘Fegyverforgatás Mestere’ in Galaxisz A Gászara [`Master Arms Practitioner’ in Emperor of the Galaxy], Cherubion Press, 1997, pp.281-6. ‘Well, it was like this doc…’ at Ruthie’s Club, March 2009, and ‘All For Naught Orphan Ufonaut’ in Shelter of Daylight, Sam’s Dot Publishing (2010). Most recently, `Love Bugs`, June 2011.

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