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Naevi is a physiological phenomenon of human body. However, some people with superstitious ideas always connect naevi with one’s destiny. They claim that “if you have a naevi in your eyebrow, you will be wealthy for your whole life; if your naevi grows in your philtrum, your lucky stars will lift off; if you have a mole beside your mouth, you will be poor and subject to death;” and so on. In fact, naevi have nothing to do with one’s fate. Meanwhile, if they lie on some areas of the face, they do have an influence on one’s feature. If you want to remove them, you must go to the orthopedic sursery of a formal hospital for treatment. Otherwise, dangers are overhanging.One lady with the surnname of Yang, had an average-size naevi between her two eyebrows, which made her complacent in front of everyone. But the mole in her apex nasi upset her greatly. As she had heard that “if one has a mole in her apex nasi, she will be dependent on her husband”, which meant that she would get the blame from her husband after marriage. So she made every attempt to remove the mole. Just ten days before the date of the wedding, she pricked and removed that mole in her apex nasi with needle by herself, only to bring on bacterial infection and blood poisoning. As a result, the happy event becomes funeral arrangement.Naevi commonly have no dangerNarvi is a kind of cicatrice, blotch or innocent tumour, which was called sunspot in ancient time of our country. There are many kinds of naevi, such as pigmented naevi, juvenile naevi, warty mole, nevus flammeus, spider naevi and so on. Most of the naevi are geneogenous and only a minority are posterior. The colour of the naevi is not the same. Besides the two colours of red and blue, there are still other colours, such as black, brown, and so on. naevi usually have no change after growing for many years. Women’s naevi may change slightly during the period of gestation, but will return to patterns of normalcy after that period. naevi can be found in any part of human’s body, some in the epidermis, some between the epidermis and dermis, others taking root among flesh. Some naevi are as small as needlepoint; some are as big as rice grains or pisolite, so far as to as large as ginkgo. Those that are above the skin with solf and thick are called hairy naevi; those with smooth surface are called spot naevi; those growing inside the skin are called inner naevi.There are 10-20 naevi in a normal man’s body. For example, almost everyone has pigmented naevi and only the amount is different. According to statistics, the areas that naevi appear most are the head, face, and neck, about over 40% of all the naevi. Generally speaking, most of the naevi are innocent with a slow growth rate and are mainly caused by geneogenous angioma or angiolymphoma. Also, it can be caused by pigmentation of skin. Some people say that naevi and cancer are of the same clan. That’s wrong. Naevi are made up of elliptical naevus cells from the skin nerve cell while cancer is made up of cancer cells with rapid fission rate. Normally, naevi don’t have the phenomenon of pain and itching, won’t cause canceration and don’t to need to treat.Pay attention to preventing naevi from cancerationHowever, there is no thing that is absolute. Naevi can change into cancer in some circumstances. According to statistics, one out of 500,000 naevi can develop into melanomas threatening to life, over 80% of which are from deteriorating of innocent pigment naevi. Something must be pointed out that this kind of conversion is conditional, most of which is caused by hurt, long-term chronic pessimal stimulation and inappropriate treatment. For example, naevi growing in face, neck, palm, sole and so on are easy to deteriorate because of long-term rubbing. Especially the inappropriate chemical and physical stimulation such as needling, cutting, erosion by chemical remedy is the easiest way to facilitate deterioration or to deteriorate state of an illness.Generally, certain sign precedes deterioration of pigmented naevi. For example, the naevi suddenly increase or upheave quickly, colour becoming deeper or lighter; a blood vessel dilates or increases with inflammatory reaction around; superficial hair breaks off, chaps and even ulcerates to bleed; infection occurs over and over with a painful and scratchy sensation; pigment invades normal skin around or satellite naevi come forth around; and so on. In those cases, you should get them examined and treated timely.How to get rid of the naeviLaser treatmentFor the little naevi whose diameter is under 0.5 centimeter, laser or high frequency electrotome will be suitable for burning. The strengths of this treatment are that it’s easy and convenient to handle with little damage to normal tissues and very little scarring after healingness. However it also has disadvantages, that is it’s hard to clean up all the naevi and leave tissues of the naevi to have pathology examines.Freezing treatmentFreezing treatment and medical treatment are unsuitable to choose as they may eliminate naevi incompletely and stimulate the naevi cell to change malignantly.Organic plant medicine treatmentThe organic plant medicine treatment can fetch up the treatments where mentioned above. This treatment can eradicate skin moles without pain, scarring, tissue damage, or recurrence. There is no need for you to worry about disfigurement. A new revolution has been arisen in the domain of skin diseases treatment. For more information, please refer to our Bcured page.

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