Let the man psychological fear of the 5

Let the man psychological fear of the 5

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Man since ancient times and “fortitude”, “brave” associated with these terms, in fact, men are also many psychological fear and worry. To sum up, men are mainly five kinds of fear, of life: 1, because men in the family’s economic resources is coupled with a larger proportion of “breadwinner” of the traditional concept of effects, therefore, the greatest fear of men in the workplace and economic aspects.

2, many men will always cherish being discarded concerns. After the middle-aged men will be particularly afraid of his wife or child neglect or abandon, therefore, an experienced family members for their disrespectful attitude, they will respond very sensitive.

3, for fear of losing health. Another thing men fear most is the loss of more independent, must rely on others to care. Usually such a situation, is often a time when the body prone to illness.

4, Talent of their children are not cause for concern. Hopeful psychology, men tend to be more fervent than women, middle-aged men often fear their children could not meet their expectations, to form a recurrent feeling of burden.

5, men for their physical and sexual potency concerns about weakening is much stronger than women. On appeal, various psychological phenomena, psychologists, mental disease known as gray. Gray mental sickness generally occurs in more men entering middle age, mainly as follows: the spirit of the doldrums, moody, restless, but they also denied any psychological variation.

Gray occurrence of mental illness with a variety of factors. From the bodily functions, the middle-aged agility movements began to decline from the pinnacle of the state, and often feel powerless to do things. From a psychological function, the majority of middle-aged man of learning, memory begins to fail, and the lack of change in living conditions make them easy to produce a sense of dull. The burden from the family point of view, middle-aged people tend to have parents and their children under all kinds of entertaining trivia spent a lot of time and energy, it often makes them feel too much pressure, it is difficult to cope with.

So how to overcome the psychological fear of mental illness prevention and control of gray do? First of all, men should pay special attention to physical health, to maintain and laws of the normalization of life. Second, do not engage in senseless adventure, let the spirit of its own in a relatively stable state. In addition, we must learn to cope with stress, in the face from family and society pressure, we must learn to defuse pressure, cope with stress, so that you can reduce the psychological burden.

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