Learn mental game of golf techniques and mental tips and advice

Learn mental game of golf techniques and mental tips and advice

Article by Hayden Kehoe

Concentration and appropriate golf mind focus.

The mental game of golf requires great focus and concentration and a lot is stated about this by those becoming aware of it’s importance but often players do not know how to work these essential skills. Useful mental tips for golf require the ingredients of how to utilize concentration techniques in the correct way. Generally speaking, there are four main areas of focus and concentration our mind can be orientated towards which can be labelled as Attentional shifting or attentional focus.

It is the process of putting the correct golf mind focus in the correct place at the correct time. For example when analysing a golf-shot requirement standing at the ball one can be internal-broad focused when thinking about the options. When looking out onto fairway, one can then be external-broad focused such as scanning the fairway challenge. Then when addressing your posture and set-up one can be internal-narrow focused and finally When playing the golf-shot one can be externally-narrow focused.

So you see there are four main areas where the mind can be focused towards and the best golf psychology advice and mental golf tips should include this.

However, many players make errors when out on the golf-course because their minds are on the wrong area at the wrong time. For example a player may be thinking about strategy or fearing big trees when ready to play a golf-shot, which is inappropriate as this is broad-internally focused. They should be externally-narrow focused on the golf-ball and harnessing a steady golf mind.

The golf mental game may seem mysterious and hard to understand but when you begin to simplify and understand sound golf psychology principles then the mystery disappears and a clear golf mind begins to take hold and you enjoy knowing how to focus and think properly on the golf course.

Hayden Kehoe is a practicing Sport Psychologist in Golf to many elite golf players in as well as players and athletes in many other sports.

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